…and we hope that as you’re looking at this site that you think so too. It’s not all about what words and numbers and letters literally mean, although that’s important stuff too. But we love the way type and its style can change the whole meaning of something. It can be bold, subtle, cheeky, homely or whimsical, but always interesting.
about typografika
tÿpografikâ was born out of a personal passion, the love of typefaces and letters. After working in the arts for several years it crept up on us, but now we’re besotted and since you’re looking at this you must be too (or at least interested).

It is our belief that the letter and number is taken for granted in everyday life and it is our mission to spread tÿpografik enlightenment to all.

Rediscover the typeface and its ambience, celebrate the font for its decorative beauty and appreciate how individual a number can be. Surround yourself and fill your home with the beautiful, the eclectic and the inspirational.

Many of our tÿpografik treats are handmade in the UK by individually sourced makers and craftspeople, assuring individuality.

At tÿpografikâ we also believe in accountability, to the customer, to the maker and to the planet. So we are committed to good customer service and satisfaction and the ethical provenance of the goods we sell.

So lets hear it for the humble old letter; used, abused, but still beautiful, eclectic, clever and versatile… and available here.

Frances King